Zoë Roberts

Photo Credit: Amber Zbitnoff

Photo Credit: Amber Zbitnoff


About Zoë
Zoë is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She has performed for many Totem Star events including the most recent, “The Spotlight”.

Tell us a little about how you discovered your love for music. Who are some of your greatest influences?
I discovered my love for music at a very young age. I would always sing around the house when I was little and tried to learn new songs. At family gatherings at my aunt and uncle’s house, I would always go down to their basement which was basically a band practice area. All my cousins played instruments and so did my uncle. I just knew I had to start. So when I was 11 I got my first guitar and everything started from there. My family always was there at my performances, and supported me no matter what.

Tell us about your song. What inspired you? How do you hope listeners will receive your message?
When I wrote this song I had just got back from a friends house. Earlier that morning, my friend and I saw this guy. And for some reason I decided to write a song about it. I don’t know why, but lyrics just flowed out of me and things came together. I try and convey a story in this song that I hope everyone can relate to in some way shape or form, and I hope that everyone can do that with all of my music.

What have you learned from your experience with Totem Star? What are some of the biggest takeaways?
I have learned so much from Totem Star. Most of all I have just learned how to loosen up. When I first joined I was 12, shy, and still questioning my song writing skills. I was very skeptical about showing people my own original work, but once I realized what kind of people were at Totem Star, I had no reason to worry. The people at Totem Star are kind, genuine, honest, hopeful, joyful, and so intelligent. I have to say the more I am around people at Totem Star, the better I feel about my music and myself.

What advice would you give to other young artists?
Some advice I would give to other young artists would be to work at it if you want it. When I first started out I thought of performing as a side thing to do, it was a hobby, but now it’s my career. My career builds everyday thanks to Totem Star and inspires me to bring more music into this world. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that have been provided by Totem Star. I would not be where I am today without it. But I didn’t just get there easily. I worked every day at finding my style, finding better words to fit into better places. And then I knew how I had to do things for myself. I got better. I worked hard. I practiced, and practiced. You have to put time in if you want to get better at something.