Neo Truth

Photo Credit: Lorena Merlin

Photo Credit: Lorena Merlin


About Neo Truth

Neo Truth is a 18 year old hip hop artist from Seattle who's been making music since the age of 13. In his music, he speaks about life struggles and touches on every issue such as poverty, racism, violence, discrimination, suicide and more.

Who are some of your greatest influences?

My biggest influences are The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Drake, Caskey, Tyga, MGK and Asap Rocky. 


Tell us about your song. What inspired you? How do you hope listeners will receive your message?

"Broken" is about the absence of a father. I wrote this song when I was going through a personal struggle and felt all types of mixed emotions. "Broken" is very personal to me. I wouldn't normally put something like this out but I hope that some one out there can relate. 

What have you learned from your experience with Totem Star? What are some of the biggest takeaways?

Totem star has helped me become more organized, stronger at communication, and better at managing my workflow. They offer me studio time where I am able to make music to be able to take the time to create and fine tune my own sound. I am able to work with other artists from multiple backgrounds and genres and I have learned the techniques of what it takes to mix and master.

What advice would you give to other young artists?

Be original. Don't be an imitator. If you're just like everyone else, how are you going to stand out. You'll just be another shadow.