Along with every story of success is a story of struggle, hard work, and persistence. Totem Star gives young artists the opportunity to rub shoulders with guest artists and music industry professionals during intimate Q&A sessions called The Story. Hearing stories straight from the best in the biz sends a strong message: There is no fast track to creative excellence. Only one percent of the game is talent and skill. The rest is commitment and perseverance.


Note: We should mention that The Story was, is, and always will be a conversation between our special guests and youth attendees. Grown-ups are more than welcome to attend but we ask that you participate by supporting youth voice and observing in silence.

Past Guests of The Story:
Rell Be Free
Momma Nikki
Gabriel Teodros
Clinton Fearon
Guayaba & doNormaal
Nikkita Oliver (Seattle Peoples Party)
Wil-Dog Abers (Ozomatli)
Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest)
Justo (The Physics)
Brian Myers (Blue Scholars)
Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)
Catherine Harris-White a.k.a. Sassy Black
Daniel Pak and Thaddeus Turner (Thaddillac)
Aaron Walker-Loud (Big World Breaks) and Jazmyn Scott (The Town Entertainment)
Owuor Arunga and Greg Kramer (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) 
Otieno Terry and Max Levin