King Cobb


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About King Cobb

King Cobb is a lyricist and poet from Seattle. He is currently attending Shoreline Community College for Digital Audio Engineering. King Cobb has been a part of Youth Speaks! Seattle, the SPOKES Leadership Board, and the Arts Liberation and Leadership Institute. He is also a beast on the Ultimate Frisbee field.

Tell us a little about how you discovered your love for music. What are some of your greatest influences? What made you want to write about your experiences and perform in front of an audience?

I first discovered my love for music around the time I was in first grade. I was super influenced by people like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince. I started writing my junior year in high school because I felt like the experiences I was going through were important for me to share. I really wanted to connect with people who were going through similar situations as me to let them know that they aren't the only ones going through it. 

Tell us about your song. What inspired you? How do you hope listeners will receive your message?

"You and Me" is a song about the misconceived idea of human perfection, and the truth of everybody being a natural born sinner. The song is a message to the people telling them it's okay to make mistakes and that they'll never truly define who you are as a human being. I was inspired to write this song after a recent experience making a mistake that could have led me down a path I was never meant for. While I was recovering from this experience, I didn't really feel like I was getting support from my loved ones, and once I picked up the pen, it all just spilled out of me. One of the biggest messages I hope my listeners will receive from my song is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Whatever you are going through or whatever you are feeling - there are people out there who are going through the same things. I urge my listeners to express themselves and to use these learned lessons and experiences to connect and help others to make this world a more peaceful, loving, and positive place.

What have you learned from your experience with Totem Star? What are some of the biggest takeaways?

A big thing I've learned from my experience with Totem Star is that it's more than just a label, or some space people can just go through the motions without any care and just do it. Totem Star is a family, a community of leaders, artists, and activists, sending a message to the mainstream telling them there's more to life then what we see on social media. Totem Star is a positive outlet for people to tell their stories, and I am honored and proud that I am a part of the Totem Star family. 

What advice would you give to other young artists?

Advice that I would give to other young artist is to truthfully do what makes you happy, and don't stress or worry about anything else. You've only got this life. Make it count.