What was one of your first experiences with Hip-Hop that made you become a creator instead of a listener?
Probably my friends, just wanting to make music and we would freestyle. Chill, freestyle… After a certain point they told me I was good at freestyles and suggested that I start rapping seriously.

If you could describe your genre of music to an unknowing public, how would you describe it?
Depends, ‘cause like— a mix of grunge R&B. Retro, boom-bap hustle.

Tell us what we should know about your upcoming releases; are they inspired by other musical influences?
Yes, they are inspired mainly by the whole West Coast; DJ Quik, Mausberg, Biggie, etc. I’m working on an album called L.E.V.A [Losing Everyone to Violence on the Avenue], which is about gang violence and growing up, not following the same path as past family members.

How has Totem Star helped shape you as an individual and as an artist?
Totem Star has definitely taught me not to be shy and keep my voice out there. Before, I was really shy and I don’t think I would be where I am without Totem Star. Or I’d still be struggling to upload my songs.