Sun’Yo x PapaLip

Photo Credit: Da'Sund F. Heller

Photo Credit: Da'Sund F. Heller


About Sun'Yo x PapaLip
Sun'Yo is the enthusiastic, bouncy, more radical side of my personality. My rapping is for the open-minded, yet knowing the denominator for a division can quite help the situation.

PapaLip is like Sun'Yo's older brother within me, sometimes even my own father figure. PapaLip is one of the many voices I plan to use within my music.

Tell us a little about how you discovered your love for music. Who are some of your greatest influences?
I was raised on different types of songs and artists, mainly female, old school artists of R&B and Hip Hop. However, despite not being raised by my dad, we share a flow, taste, and political say in music. So both of my parents were great influences. I really found a love for music after realizing how therapeutic song making has been.

Tell us about your song. What inspired you? How do you hope listeners will receive your message?
My song was initially supposed to change, it's the first I've ever released and I thought it wasn't ready. Yet, Pak basically told me not to be such a perfectionist, and that I'm doing the song. LOL! I did the song and I'm proud of myself. The song is about a difference in perspective. I was inspired by artists like Biggie and Tupac for their differences in seeing the world shaped by early-mid 90s hip-hop. I hope listeners receive a message that says "life can be hard, life can be easy; two ideas apart are not too far along." and lastly "Perspectives!"

What have you learned from your experience with Totem Star? What are some of the biggest takeaways?
My experience with Totem Star started out as a poet just getting studio time among other poets at YouthSpeaks. Then i began writing the song and eventually it came to fruition. Through health and sickness, I eventually got it finished. Biggest takeaway, everyone isn't on the same level, may seem obvious, yet everything's on a level like system.

What advice would you give to other young artists?
Young artists, be humble, sing:rap:perform to enlighten even strengthen the future. Don't let the people forget the power of rhythm and song, nor word and rhyme.