Daniel Pak Featured In The International Examiner

Photo Credit: Avi Loud

Photo Credit: Avi Loud


Check out the International Examiner article entitled "Musician Daniel Pak goes solo: See him at the Crocodile on April 20" written by Alan Chong Lau.

Below is a snippet of the article:
"Totem Star has been a big part of my life for the last eight years. After our first program in 2010 working with young people released from juvenile detention, it dawned on Thad and me that this was truly our calling. We had to do whatever it took to make sure young people had a safe and encouraging space to take creative risks, tell their stories, and build a supportive community. Today we have mentored over 1,500 young recording artists, offering them free studio time, performance opportunities (including shows like The Crocodile), and bringing in guest touring artists and music industry professionals to inspire them.

Totem Star is all about amplifying youth voice and mentoring the next generation of leaders. I think singer-songwriter Monica Elenes says it best: 'What people need to understand about Totem Star is that, more than a record label, first and foremost we’re a family. Before you’re an artist, you’re a human, and Totem Star teaches you that. You can be an artist and not be a role model but Totem Star teaches you to be both.'"

Check out the entire article at iexaminer.org