Thaddeus Turner aka Thaddillac In The Seattle Times

Photo Credit: Michael Rietmulder of The Seattle Times

Photo Credit: Michael Rietmulder of The Seattle Times


Check out The Seattle Times article entitled "Sea Monster Lounge and 700 Funk keep piece of old Seattle alive" written by Michael Rietmulder featuring Totem Star Co-Founder Thaddeus Turner aka Thaddillac.

Below is a snippet of the article:
"Along with the now-defunct Scarlet Tree and Baltic Room, the 700 Club was part of a local circuit Turner and other musicians played to help pay the bills between tours. It would be another three years, in 2003, before the Sea Monster Lounge opened in Wallingford, filling the funk and soul void. 'The scene just continued and flowed over to the Sea Monster, and the Sea Monster became the hangout,' says McGraw, who used the club to scout future bandmates, including innovative organ boss Delvon Lamarr.

What started as a small, 50-person venue more than quadrupled its capacity after expanding into the neighboring bakery space in 2015.

'To me, Sea Monster’s pretty legendary,' says Tiffany Wilson, the powerhouse soul singer who performs at 700 Funk. She credits Nunez’s background as a singer and songwriter for creating a communal, musician-friendly vibe.

'So often in the music business, you have people directing and running aspects of the music who aren’t actually musically creative,' Wilson says. 'They work primarily on the business side of it, so there isn’t sometimes the empathy and understanding of the artists. That’s what’s really helpful, that Andrew himself is creative musically. He’s creating a space where he himself as a musician thrives.'"

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