How To Feel Comfortable Sharing Music

Photo Credit: Amber Zbitnoff

Photo Credit: Amber Zbitnoff

By: Edgar Vega
Tips on how to feel comfortable with you art

Me myself I have never really felt comfortable sharing any of my music with anyone because I used to have a mindset that told me I sucked at making music and it would bring my confidence down. A Lot of artist struggle when it comes to sharing there music and its fine, everyone's been there and it's just a process and something you have to grow out of it you wanna grow as an artist. These are a couple tips that personally helped me when I first started making music and I hope they can help you to step out of your comfort zone.  

Know that your art is unique.
I know this will sound corny but it's true and this was one of the main things that helped me out. No one is going to have YOUR sound because its your sound and artist get there own sound from picking up things as they grow up and no one has lived the same childhood as someone else. Your sound is unique and it is something new the world hasn't heard and yes maybe you could be taking inspiration but no one starts a new sound without inspiration from other art forms. A unique sound is something everyone has and you should share it with the world because it'll always be something new, never  the same.

You always gotta start at the bottom of the hill.
Don't be hard so yourself because you aren't a Kendrick lamar or J.Cole writer it all takes time and growth. Music is a constant trial and error sort of thing so the only way to get better at your writing and music is to go through a lot of bad lyrics. Trust me I been there I used to think beans and cheese used to rhyme and now I try and keep those in there seperate lane.

Get feedback
If the first two weren't enough for you than just ask for feedback. Have someone listen to what you got and ask them what you could improve or what would sound better and all sorts of questions like that. This is a perfect way of sharing music and also growing out of that shy stage where you don't wanna share your music. Feedback from your friends will definitely be helpful so I think this is a great idea if you're indecisive about some of your work.  

That is all I have and I hope it can help you out but always remember, To follow your own unique sound and to never be shy of sharing something because you never know how far you can get by sharing some of your work. Love yall :)

Sincerely, Edgar Vega A.K.A “PRIMOE”