4 Tips On Getting More Out of Your Release


Whether it’s a single or an album, I’m sure we all want success from releasing our music. It can be a lot of work but if you’re willing to work for it and think ahead, you can potentially make some real noise with your music. Here’s four tips on releasing your music that should help.


1. Have a Reachable Goal and Set Up a Plan to Meet that Goal
What are you trying to get out of your release? More views? Emails? Followers? Knowing what you are trying to get can help give you a start with how you want to promote and release your music. A plan or strategy can help things run smoother with releasing your art as well. Things like knowing your target audience, what time you want to release and how fast you want to show your art to the public can all can and should be part of that plan. For example, planning to get more views to your music video that you've worked out a blog promotion for by releasing a trailer at 11am PST of a Friday will probably work better than just releasing the video as soon as it's done  with only a post on Facebook saying " check out my new video! " The more strategy used in your release the better the outcome you will have! 

2. Connections! Connections! Connections!
Now I know we've all heard "it's not about what you know, it's about who you know." But connections are more than just knowing the right person. Community building and outreach are extremely useful Networking skills.  Working with other artists and people in your community and other communities can spread your name out and get you recognition in other circles. It can get you shows in places around the globe. But more importantly, it get's you people to work with that support you and the dream you guys build as a team. Think about crews in hip hop like the Beast Coast movement in NYC. All different groups that share shows and features so the success each group has builds everybody in the community. That can help you get further than trying to make it all by yourself. 

3. Outside Promotion
Promotion can do a lot and spread you to places you didn't know your music could go. But promotion comes from a wide range of places. Blogs, college radio, word of mouth, and ads are just a few forms of promotion that you can use. With promotion like college radios and blogs, knowing how to write an email the right way can is vital and will separate you from a lot of other people also asking for the same thing. Emailing the right way could also benefit in other areas like booking. Even the pros today use blogs so don't take them lightly. Some blogs have huge followings so access to their fan base can be very rewarding. The same goes for college radios and online radio stations. People do actually listen to them so air play and interviews could do some good for your career.

4. Access is Key
If nobody can find your music how can you expect it to go anywhere. It's a good idea to get your music EVERYWHERE if you want tons of people to see your music. That means more than just Soundcloud. That means Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, Google play, and any other place you think people can find you. now making an account with websites like YouTube and Sound cloud are easily accessible and free. But the problem for some might come with streaming services like Spotify. To be able to use spotify you need to go through an aggregator like Tunecore or CD Baby. While it is a cost money, it could help you get where you want to be. Speaking of actually releasing, you might want to make sure your copyrights are good to go. you can't exactly use things like airplay and streaming services like Spotify if you have copyright infringements because of samples  If you do use a sample make sure you get it cleared and the songs you work on are registered with a publishing company to help secure and protect your rights.