House Party 3


The House Party is always one of our most popular events. Our name for an open mic, a House Party is where you'll see a singer-songwriter taking risks and trying out that new song they've been working on or a rapper freestyling a verse to a beat played by a band who all just met for the first time. Collaboration and improvisation are always welcomed at a House Party! In fact, at House Party 3 in February, two parents got our of their seats and performed a song together, with co-founders Daniel Pak and Thaddeus Turner holding it down on drums and bass (anyone got a video of that performance?). The coolest thing about a House Party is to see a diverse group of folks from different neighborhoods coming together to celebrate youth voice, creativity, and community building at its finest. All through music!

House Party 4 will be on Friday, April 14, 2017 at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Doors open and sign ups start at 5:30pm, and the open mic runs from 6-8pm. Light snacks and refreshments provided. All ages welcome, and as always, every House Party is free to the general public thanks to our partnership with 4Culture, Office of Arts & Culture, and Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.