C'Mon Team!


If you're reading this blog, then you're looking at our brand new website crafted by the amazing creatives from C'mon Team! Led by Krista Welch (photo + social media), the creative team included Amber Zbitnoff (photo), Luke Knecht (video), Sabrina Hounshell (photo + graphic design), and Julia Peterson (content writing + website design). In just 72 hours, the team created our new website, a promo video, imagery, a new social media plan, updated web content, and a brand new logo. For free!

"We're a group of creatives that visits non-profits around the world to create digital content and tell the story of their organization and cause online all at no cost to the non-profits," C'mon Team! states in its mission. "Our aim is to give back to the givers by sharing our skills generously in the spirit of community."

Thank you C'mon Team! You're changing the world, one non-profit at a time!