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Written by Lashaunycee O'Cain (LIO)

FESTA has been known in the recent years for it's name of celebration, and specifically to celebrate a brand by the name of ArtsCorps. ArtsCorps is a non-profit organization that works with and conditions the youth to help them master in their art while reminding them of the social, economic and systematic change that we will be the head of in years to come. ArtsCorp has been the partner of other incredible organizations and programs that have stem more artistry from the greater Seattle areas within the youth; much like Totem Star. Totem Star is a non-profit youth record label that gives all kinds of vocal artists (and others) the opportunity to showcase their talents all over Seattle , Washington.

FESTA is a once-a-year celebration where youth artists (mostly connected to Youth Speaks or Totem Star through ArtsCorps) in the local Seattle area get to showcase their stunning talents on a stage that gives them the access, love and support that is required for them to excel in their artistry. It usually takes place in March of each year. 

I, myself, participated in FESTA of 2016 and shared a stage with a beautiful choir, and my musical mentor Pak Daniel and the experience was such an exchange. I feel as if that is one of the biggest moments of my life because of the opportunity I had to conquer the stage even when I remember only 15 minutes before, having anxiety up to my eyebrows. The emotions that set through me reminded me that ArtsCorps was the one place that I'd never felt alone and that FESTA was also not just celebrating an organization, it was also celebrating me as a musician and an artist. 

Those kinds of feelings are surreal and very rare to acquire these days, but the experience is one that an artist could be blessed to have. FESTANEXT2017 was specifically centered around the current generation coming, where youth artists spit their truth of the revolution through poetry, song, visual art or dance. It's been an incredible year for ArtsCorps and an even better one for FESTA; here are some highlights from the performances, socializing and landscape of FESTANEXT2017. 

If you're new: Welcome to ArtsCorps where we build, we resist, we persist and we rise.

Make Art Anyway.