Daniel Pak In Crosscut

Photo Credit: Nick Turner

Photo Credit: Nick Turner


Check out the Crosscut article entitled "Reggae Artist Supports Youth Through Music" written by JaLynn Montes featuring Totem Star Co-Founder Daniel Pak.

The article highlights Pak's history, how he came to stating Totem Star, and also discusses his work with Kore Ionz including their latest video release "Superhero." 

Below is a snippet of the Crosscut article by JaLynn Montes:
"Daniel Pak has been making music for the good part of his 37 years on the planet. While on hiatus from his studies in metallurgical engineering and on a visit with friends, he had an epiphany: music was meant to be the center of his life’s work.

He was feeling 'sick and tired of seeing the status quo,' he says, 'with oppression and violence being so pervasive; it [was] maddening.'

Music, he figured, would connect him 'with like-minded people who really want change to happen.'

So he rejected an attractive offer to work as a high-paid nuclear engineer at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, where Pak was raised. Instead, he chose to pursue a career as an artist, or, as he puts it, 'a culture worker.'"

Check out the entire article at Crosscut.com.