The Story With Brian Myers


Brian Myers (aka Bee) was the tour manager for Blue Scholars from 2005-2009. He managed the band on several national tours, hitting the road with artists like Gza, Hieroglyphics, and Flobots, also working behind the scenes on the main stage at Bumbershoot when Blue Scholars opened for Kanye West. Bee also took care of support artists on Blue Scholars tours, one being a rapper by the name of Macklemore.

We had a great session of The Story with Bee in October, with one of our artists taking six full pages of notes from the conversation, which hit topics ranging from booking shows, touring (and how to get along with people out on the road), to tips on how to get the most out of a soundcheck. We're still trying to get our hands on those six pages of notes, and when we do, we'll post them, with permission of course. Until then, if you want to hear some of his wisdom, you can find Bee at Uli's Famous Sausage (he's the marketing director), or at a Totem Star board meeting (he's the Vice President of our board).

Fun fact: Bee and co-founder Thaddeus Turner gave Totem Star its name back in 2011!